Walt's Apartment Podcast Interviews Gina Rock

In April 2021, Gina was interviewed on the Walt's Apartment Podcast.

"We are so excited to bring this interview to you. Sam and Shawn had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Gina Rock. Gina is the longest flying Tinkerbell at Disneyland. For 21 years would travel from the top of the Matterhorn (160 feet in the air ) During the nighttime fireworks at the Happiest Place on Earth. Join us as Gina takes on the journey of her exciting career. From the Circus to Disneyland and now her great work in Emergency Management. Sit back relax and look high above the sky over Disneyland as we bring you Gina (Tinkerbell) Rock.  Thank you for the continued support for our shows and as always,  We hope you enjoy the view from Walt's Apartment."

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If you would like to learn more about Gina and her time as Tinker Bell, or to get an autograph, visit her website


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