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Autographed Tinker Bell Pin

Here is a new fan-made Tinker Bell pin signed by Gina Rock. Gina currently holds the record as the longest flying Tinker Bell in Disneyland history.
There are a limited number of these signed pins available.
Gina is donating her portion of the sales to The Red Cross fund to help with the Hurricane Michael support.
Thank you to Claudia Alvarez for being the first to receive one of the pins and help support The Red Cross

Click HERE to order your own Tinker Bell pin. All the money that is being sent to The Red Cross will be sent HERE. An attachment will be added to this post each time a donation is made. If you would like an autographed photo, those are also available and she will also be donating that money to The Red Cross as well. Tinker Bell Autograph
Read more about Gina Rock on her website
This past weekend was Mouse-Con in Concord Ca. (November 4, 2018). There was a huge turnout. All 20 of the autographed pins have been sold and quite a few of her autographed pho…

Tink Autograph Sales Going To Support Hurricane Michael Victims

Tink is out helping the survivors of the hurricanes like hurricane Florence and hurricane Michael. She is donating all of the money from her autograph sales to The Red Cross to help the people affected by hurricane Michael.
Order your autograph HERE 
Money for hurricane Michael support will be sent here. After the money is sent to The Red Cross, I will send you a copy of the receipt.
To learn more about Gina Rock, Tinker Bell, visit her website