Tinker Bell Does Her First Convention

Gina had a blast participating in her first convention on Sunday for Virtual Mouse-Con 2020. She wanted me to give a special thank you to Steven Wyatt, the one who plans the Mouse-Cons (among other conventions) and for conducting her interview. 

She wants to thank the fans of Mouse-Con who made her interview the top viewed interview of the convention. Gina also wanted to thank me, Joshua Shaffer, for setting it up for her as well.

Gina is looking forward to meeting people in person (hopefully) at the next Mouse-Con in November 2021.

If you didn't get a chance to order one of Gina's autographs, here is the link to do so.


Here is Mouse-Con's website.


And as always, Gina's website.


Gina's First Convention

Gina Rock, Disneyland's longest flying Tinker Bell, will be interviewed at her first convention. She will be live on Mouse-Con's Facebook page on Sunday at 12 pm (PST) for their virtual convention. Make sure not to miss it.

Tinker Bell Was Trained By Boba Fett


For those of you who do not know, Bob Yerkes was a stuntman and aerialist. He was the stuntman for Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983). He can be seen flying from Jabba’s Sail Barge, the Khetanna, and landing on the desert skiff with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. He then flies from the skiff after his jetpack is hit by Han and crashes into the side of the barge before falling to his “death” in the sarlacc pit.

Bob referred to it as a pickup shot. It was filmed in his backyard, where he trained people to do stunts and acrobatics. He was flung through the air from a Russian swing. Here are shots from the set. 

Gina was discovered by Bob Yerkes at a gymnastics practice during her senior year in high school in the early '70s. Bob started training her before she left for Texas to join the circus as an aerialist. Here is Gina with her daughter, Jennifer, on one of Bob’s Russian swings with Bob looking on in his backyard in December 2017. The second photo is Gina's son, Austin, on that same swing with Bob.
In more recent years you can see him as Cardinal Guidera in Angels & Demons (2009). He was the priest hanging by his arms above the raging fire. His final film was Killing Hasselhoff (2017), in which Bob did some stunts at the age of 85. Gina just spoke to Bob on the phone to see how he was doing (October 2020) as he will be turning 89 in February next year.

This photo was taken in his backyard which is full of rigging, trampolines, tightropes, and other equipment aerialists would use. He has trained many actors and stunt performers. 
Upon her retirement from flying, Gina gave Bob this photo of her as Tinker Bell with a plaque that reads;
“In Appreciation to Bob Yerkes
Thank You
For My Wonderful Circus Career
Gina Rock

To learn more about Gina Rock and her time before and after her life as Tinker Bell, visit her website HERE.
See all of Bob's filmography HERE.

Tinker Bell on the Moustalgia Podcast


Mousetalgia is one of the top Disney podcasts and Gina was so excited to be interviewed by them. She is in episode #626 and it was published on October 19, 2020.

"This week, we’re thinking Tink! You may have thought you knew all there was to know about Tinker Bell, but Mousetalgia dives in and considers the flight of everyone’s favorite fairy by looking at some interesting angles. First, we talk to aerialist Gina Rock, who flew across the sky in Disneyland as the fireworks lit up the night. Gina talks about her background as a gymnast, and the experience of portraying the famous pixie in her nightly ritual in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. We also talk to Klay Hall, the director of Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, on helping Disney relaunch Neverland for a new generation. Hall talks about developing Tink as a story editor for the 2008 Tinker Bell feature film, developing Pixie Hollow for Disneyland Park, and helping to guide the franchise as DisneyToon Studios launched the Disney Fairies, reimagining Tinker Bell for today’s audiences while keeping her roots as one of Disney’s most enduring and beloved characters. Plus – Kristen Carr checks in with a Mousetalgia FastPass… and more."

To listen to just Gina's part, skip ahead to the 25-minute mark.

If you want to hear more interviews or learn more about Gina Rock, visit her website.

Tink Fights COVID-19

Times like this can be a trying time. Everyone is doing what they can to fight back against the COVID-19 outbreak by remaining in home isolation. There are many children in the hospital battling the virus themselves. With the lockdown in place, Make-A-Wish Foundation is doing what they can to make children’s last wishes come true whether it is from the virus or not. It is difficult because they can’t take the children anywhere. For the months of April and May, Tinker Bell (Gina Rock) will be donating the money from her sales to whichever Make-A-Wish chapter that you choose.
1. Just pick the chapter you want by clicking MaW Chapters

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3. Or choose an autographed Tinker Bell pin by clicking Tink Pin 

4. Or you can decide on getting a bottle of Pixie Dust with Gina’s signature on it by clicking Pixie Dust

After you decide on what you want, just send me a message with the Make-A-Wish chapter you would like the money to go to. If you do not want to choose one, it will default to the Los Angeles Make-A-Wish location.

If you would like, a copy of the receipt from Make-A-Wish can be sent to you.
This donation went to the Florida branch.

To learn more about Gina Rock and her 21 years of flying as Tinker Bell in Disneyland, please visit her website FlyingTinkerBell.org

Tinker Bell Does Her First Convention

Gina had a blast participating in her first convention on Sunday for Virtual Mouse-Con 2020. She wanted me to give a special thank you to St...