Tinker Bell's Mother's Day Fun Fact

Gina Rock, the longest flying Tinker Bell in Disneyland history, was pregnant with both of her children while flying across the castle for the fireworks show. She gave birth to her daughter in 1984 and then her son in 1987.

Because her doctor was concerned for her safety while being pregnant, he had Gina's mother go to the top of the Matterhorn to inspect the harness set up and fitting to approve it for flight. The doctor respected her opinion because she had worked with doctors for so many years. She said Gina would be safe to fly until she was 4 months along. Both times she was pregnant coincided with the downtime of the fireworks flight. With her second pregnancy, she got a doctors note to give the okay to Disney for her to fly. Disney didn't fly Tink in the winter time.
Gina said this was her favorite Disney magic, becoming a mother.
She flew from 1983-2005.
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How Gina Went from Tinker Bell into Disaster Recovery

Gina was interviewed on a different type of podcast. This podcast is The Civil Engineering Podcast. Gina talks about how she went from gymnastics to being an aerialist in the circus, flying high over Disneyland, and then into Public Assistance/FEMA as a Program Delivery Manager for Jacobs where she met and works with multiple types of engineers. She started with Hurricane Katrina in 2005. You need to listen to hear the whole story. Click THIS LINK to listen to her interview.
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Unseen Photo Of The Basketball Court

This fun fact was one of the original, and most shared, fun facts that I heard which sparked my interest in Disneyland history.
There is a half basketball court in the top of the mountain. Rumor has it that the reason they built a basketball court in the top of the mountain was that, back in the 1950s, the building codes prohibited any structure from being that tall unless it was a sports structure. It is located about two-thirds of the way up. It was actually built as a break room for Cast Members, for the mountain climbers to get ready for their climbs, and for Tinker Bell to prepare for her flight during the fireworks. They also added a ping-pong table. These are the photos of the court that get shared around all the time.
Here is a never before seen photo of the basketball “court” with Tinker Bell before her flight. This is Gina Rock, the longest flying Tinker Bell in Disneyland history. She flew from 1983-2005. She liked shooting hoops with her team or playing ping-pong before she …

Pixie Dust Donations

Thank you, everyone, who purchased the autographed bottles of Pixie Dust in December.
Gina donated all of the money from the sales to the Los Angeles Make-A-Wish foundation.
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New Tinker Bell Pixie Dust In A Bottle

When Tinker Bell was a young girl she used to wish really hard that someday she would do something special and her dreams would come true. She had a bottle very much like her magic pixie dust and that she would stuff all of her wishes into it.

One day her favorite Dream came true and she became the Flying Fairy....Tinker Bell

Gina has some new autographs up, but they are on bottles of Pixie Dust. Christmas is coming and they make great Christmas presents.
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Tinker Bell's Interview on The Magic Behind The Ears Podcast.

Throwback to early 2017 when Gina was interviewed on The Magic Behind The Ears Podcast. You can hear some of her stories from her time flying as Tinker Bell.

If you want to learn more about Gina, visit her website

How Does Tinker Bell Stop Her Plummet

When Gina would zip line down from the Matterhorn and across the castle during the fireworks show, she needed a way to stop. Disney created a way for the Tink Crew to stop her. They put a mattress in a cloth casing with handles. When crashing into it, Gina would turn her body and slam into it shoulder first. Cast Members have said they used to place bets on how hard she would slam into the mattress each night.

If you would like to listen to her talk about experiences flying, you can listen to her podcast interviews HERE.

To read more about Gina as Tinker Bell or get an autograph, visit her website.

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