Gina In Her Tinker Bell Dress With The Harness

This is a picture of Gina before flying around 2004. Just a year or so before she retired her wings.
The harness that attaches her to the zip line to fly across the castle is under her dress. Those silver circles on the dress are little mirrors used to reflect the light to make it look like she was sparkling. She is also wearing a pink leotard. She said this one was her favorite.

Gina Rock is the longest flying Tinker Bell in Disneyland history. She flew across the sky for the nightly fireworks from 1983-2005.

To learn more about Gina, visit her website
All the money from her autograph sales for this month will be going to victims of the Redding Carr fire.

Tink Is Looking For Stories For Her Book

The author of Children’s Art Therapy: Creations from Post Disasters, Gina Rock, is seeking stories that she could include in her book. Gina is hoping to collect stories from children that have been through a hardship so they can express their feelings by writing or annotating their story to heal and help others heal from a terrible experience. Do you know of anyone between the ages of 7-18 that have been affected by a hazard or natural disaster in the US and want their experience published? Some of the stories will be put up on her website to be shared with other victims to help them heal. Some of the stories will be chosen to get published in the book.
If you, or a child you know, would like to share a story, please feel free to contact her. If you have a disaster declaration number to add to your story that would be very helpful.
Gina was asked about her book in an interview, and this is what she had to say about it. "About four years ago I was at an inspection and started to in…

Tinker Bell's Autograph Sales Go To The Redding Carr Fire Victims

(photo: Benjamin Spillman, Tinker Bell just donated the money from two autograph sales from today to this Go Fund Me campaign. All autograph sales for the month of August will go to this campaign. The Jacobs’ Redding Employees lost their homes or were displaced due to the fires. If you would like to purchase a Tinker Bell autograph now, all the proceeds will go to this specific campaign. If you would like, you could also donate directly to the campaign.
Click HERE to order your own 8"x10" glossy photo paper Tinker Bell autograph and help those in need.
Click HERE if you would like an 8.5"x11" Tinker Bell autograph.

Click HERE to visit the Jacobs Redding Employees FireRelief Go Fund Me campaign to learn more or to donate on your own.
There have been 8 autographs sold so far. Let's make that number go up to 15.
Thank you for your support.

More Excerpts From Gina's Disaster Art Therapy Book

Here is a glimpse inside Gina's Disaster Art Therapy book. It is still in pre-production.

To read more about Gina's book, click HERE.

Visit Gina's website HERE.

Excerpt From Gina's Disaster Art Therapy Book

Here is a glimpse inside Gina's Disaster Art Therapy book. It is still in pre-production.

"Disaster Art Therapy," age 8-9, South Carolina DR 4241.
These drawings were from children whose houses had flooded.

To read more about Gina's book, click HERE.

Visit Gina's website HERE.

Discounted Tink Autographs For A Good Cause

These are Gina's autographed photos (8.5"x11") from her time as Tinker Bell. She has a special offer right now for those who purchase them. Normally they are $20 each. She is dropping the price to $15 each and will donate all the profits to Relay For Life until the end of the month. Just visit my Etsy page HERE to order one now. There is a limited number left.

She also has her photos from the circus available for $10.
Visit Gina's website to learn more about her HERE.

Thank You To Joshua Shaffer

In 2016, when I was just in my first year at the University of Southern California, (one of the very few times off a disaster deployment), I received an E-mail from Joshua Shaffer. I had been trying to contact some Disney writers and thank them for all the wonderful articles they wrote about when I was the Flying Tinker Bell. Joshua asked if he could interview me regarding my past experiences as Tink and I was honored to do this. His first article about my career was an article in the Disneyana Newsletter that talks about how I secured the job as Tinker Bell. I found the interview process to be a refreshing change from college, and doing what I love most; helping those in need.

We had a great chat about all the wonderful experiences he shared with many show folks like me that had interesting stories while working at Disneyland Resort.

Joshua was so enthusiastic about his writing and passion for Disney trivia, I could not wait to read his first book, as well as the second; Discovering …