More Excerpts From Gina's Disaster Art Therapy Book

Here is a glimpse inside Gina's Disaster Art Therapy book. It is still in pre-production.

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Excerpt From Gina's Disaster Art Therapy Book

Here is a glimpse inside Gina's Disaster Art Therapy book. It is still in pre-production.

"Disaster Art Therapy," age 8-9, South Carolina DR 4241.
These drawings were from children whose houses had flooded.

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Discounted Tink Autographs For A Good Cause

These are Gina's autographed photos (8.5"x11") from her time as Tinker Bell. She has a special offer right now for those who purchase them. Normally they are $20 each. She is dropping the price to $15 each and will donate all the profits to Relay For Life until the end of the month. Just visit my Etsy page HERE to order one now. There is a limited number left.

She also has her photos from the circus available for $10.

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Thank You To Joshua Shaffer

In 2016, when I was just in my first year at the University of Southern California, (one of the very few times off a disaster deployment), I received an E-mail from Joshua Shaffer. I had been trying to contact some Disney writers and thank them for all the wonderful articles they wrote about when I was the Flying Tinker Bell. Joshua asked if he could interview me regarding my past experiences as Tink and I was honored to do this. His first article about my career was an article in the Disneyana Newsletter that talks about how I secured the job as Tinker Bell. I found the interview process to be a refreshing change from college, and doing what I love most; helping those in need.

We had a great chat about all the wonderful experiences he shared with many show folks like me that had interesting stories while working at Disneyland Resort.

Joshua was so enthusiastic about his writing and passion for Disney trivia, I could not wait to read his first book, as well as the second; Discovering the Magic Kingdom: An Unofficial Disneyland Vacation Guide. His book.

I am not sure I ever really realized how many lives had been touched by all the Disney magic until I met Joshua. I had not met anyone quite like him. He was not only enamored with all things Disney, but this guy is an amazingly talented writer, as well as an inventor. Joshua invented a hideaway cardboard cat corner that allows a cat to inherently hide their face while in cages at animal shelters. Joshua works with animals for his day job and has a great affinity for the care, well-being, and animal adoption process we have come to know and love. My son has adopted two wonderful dogs from a shelter and would get five more if he had more room in his home.

Apparently, Joshua also has a fondness for cooking, and at one time thought he may pursue a career as a chef, he also owns his own theatre he rents out for private events, and for special needs kids. This wonderful talented man also designs Disney fantasy pins, please see his collection HERE.

It is Joshua that has prompted me to gather my collection of Tinkerbell memories, as well as my past circus career. If not for him my adventures may never have been shared. Truthfully told I liked working very high up in the air so I would not have to be directly associated with fans, and other show figures. Plus think about it; I was a woman being tossed off a mountain wearing a costume, not your usual showbiz gal.

Securing jobs for others such as; variety talent, bands, headliners, comedians, circus, and actors was more special to me than anything I ever performed myself. Finding all types of interesting talented individuals, for those spent years learning and honing skills has always been my favorite vocation.
Joshua has been my Public Relations Manager since summer 2016, he is inherently gifted with this vocation with no real formal training, other than promoting his book, running a podcast, and creating his fantastic pins. I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon such a talented individual, and friend. Having my past adventures recorded in the archives of Disney, and Circus history is a privilege I owe to Joshua.

My past occupation as Tinker Bell has allowed me to share this unusual vocation, and dream with children from all over the world that desire to chase their dreams.

Thank you, Joshua Shaffer, for making this possible,
Tinker Bell 1983-2005

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