Tink Fights COVID-19

Times like this can be a trying time. Everyone is doing what they can to fight back against the COVID-19 outbreak by remaining in home isolation. There are many children in the hospital battling the virus themselves. With the lockdown in place, Make-A-Wish Foundation is doing what they can to make children’s last wishes come true whether it is from the virus or not. It is difficult because they can’t take the children anywhere. For the months of April and May, Tinker Bell (Gina Rock) will be donating the money from her sales to whichever Make-A-Wish chapter that you choose.
1. Just pick the chapter you want by clicking MaW Chapters

2. Choose which autograph you want by clicking Autograph Photo

3. Or choose an autographed Tinker Bell pin by clicking Tink Pin 

4. Or you can decide on getting a bottle of Pixie Dust with Gina’s signature on it by clicking Pixie Dust

After you decide on what you want, just send me a message with the Make-A-Wish chapter you would like the money to go to. If you do not want to choose one, it will default to the Los Angeles Make-A-Wish location.

If you would like, a copy of the receipt from Make-A-Wish can be sent to you.
This donation went to the Florida branch.

To learn more about Gina Rock and her 21 years of flying as Tinker Bell in Disneyland, please visit her website FlyingTinkerBell.org

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