Tinker Bell's Autograph Sales Go To The Redding Carr Fire Victims


(photo: Benjamin Spillman, bspillman@rgj.com)
Tinker Bell just donated the money from two autograph sales from today to this Go Fund Me campaign. All autograph sales for the month of August will go to this campaign. The Jacobs’ Redding Employees lost their homes or were displaced due to the fires. If you would like to purchase a Tinker Bell autograph now, all the proceeds will go to this specific campaign. If you would like, you could also donate directly to the campaign.

Click HERE to order your own 8"x10" glossy photo paper Tinker Bell autograph and help those in need.
Click HERE if you would like an 8.5"x11" Tinker Bell autograph.

Click HERE to visit the Jacobs Redding Employees FireRelief Go Fund Me campaign to learn more or to donate on your own.

There have been 8 autographs sold so far. Let's make that number go up to 15.

Thank you for your support.

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