Thank You To Joshua Shaffer

In 2015, when I was struggling through my first year at USC, and one of the very few times I was off a disaster deployment, I ran across a blog written by Joshua Shaffer about the flying Tinker Bells in Disneyland. I emailed him because I had been trying to contact some Disney writers and thank them for all the wonderful articles they wrote about when I was the Flying Tinker Bell. Joshua asked if he could interview me regarding my past experiences as Tink for an article in the Disneyana Newsletter and I was honored to do this. I found the interview process to be a refreshing change from college, and doing what I love most; helping those in need.
We had a great chat about all the wonderful experiences he shared with many show folks like me that had interesting stories about working at the park, and soon became fast friends.
Joshua was so enthusiastic about his writing and passion for Disney trivia, I could not wait to read his first book. I am not sure I ever really realized how many lives had been touched by all the Disney magic until I met Joshua. I had not met anyone quite like him that was not only enamored with all things Disney, but this guy is an amazingly talented writer, as well as an inventor, (yes), ask about his hideaway cat corner that allows a cat to inherently hide their face. Joshua works with animals for his day job and has a great affinity for the care, well-being, and animal adoption process we have come to know and love. My son has adopted two wonderful dogs from a shelter and would have more if he had room for them.
Apparently, Joshua also has an affinity for cooking and at one time thought he would pursue a career as a chef after he graduated high school. He also has a vast collection of movies and rents his own theater out to friends for special events like birthdays, fundraisers, or events for kids/adults with special needs.
It is Joshua that has prompted me to gather my collection of Tinker Bell memories, as well as my past circus career. If not for him, my adventures may never have been shared. Truthfully told I liked working very high up in the air so I would not have to be directly associated with fans, and other show figures. Plus think about it; I was a woman being tossed off a mountain wearing a costume, not your usual showbiz gal. Finding all types of interesting talented individuals, and providing employment for those spent years learning, and honing skills is one of my favorite vocations.
Soon my favorite, and only Public Relations manager, will be getting married and his proposal to Ashley was prompted by a shared love for Disney, a wonderful love story I hope he will share with this article, a great video, and picture to boot!
I am asking my Disney fans as well as Joshua's to celebrate this special day in May by buying his first, or second edition so he can have more funding to put toward his own wedding. They are paying for this between themselves.
Half my autograph sales already go to Make-A-Wish Foundation, and a very small percentage is helping him with his wedding.
This article is a huge thank you to Joshua for being part of my life as well as sharing his vast knowledge of everything Disney.
All donations to this wonderful wedding love story will go directly to Joshua and Ashley for their special day, his contact information is on the website he built for me if you would like to order his books.
Thank you, Joshua, for allowing my unusual career to be told, and congratulations on your proposal to Ashley!
-Gina, aka Tink

(Ashley is a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast. Joshua spent about 6 months working on this Enchanted Rose ring holder whenever Ashley wasn't home. He constructed it out of wood, clay, and paint. The base was painted to look like marble, and there were magnets in the base so it could swivel open. He proposed to her for her birthday trip to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco)
Click HERE to order your own copy of Joshua's book.
Read more about Gina and her time as Tinker Bell HERE.

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